It Wasn’t Me!!

Some people see children are angels, but when I look back to my childhood, I don’t think I was an angel lol

When I was in elementary school, we had a Pomeranian named Lucky. She was a good behaved dog, except when she urinated on the floor. Well, I can’t say it was all her fault because we didn’t train her well. My experience tells me it’s better to prepare a place for a new family member where s/he can sleep, dine, and urinate, before  s/he comes home.

Okay, back to the story.

As a student, we looked forward to visiting museums during class. Why? Day trip means: no lecture and no homework. However, it only happened once or twice a year. So we got very excited when we had a chance to visit a museum or factory. And we liked to buy “souvenir” at gift shop for memory.

One day, my brother came home from science museum…



Post-No-Buy Haul!

I am not religious, but I decided to try going on a no-buy for the duration of Lent. I didn’t buy anything except food (and uh, booze)! It was pretty easy at first, since it’s not like I shop every day or anything. Plus I had made a couple online purchases before Lent started, so I still had a few things to look forward to getting, haha. It was so hard to pass up all the sales though! But it really forced me take a step back and evaluate what would have been an impulse purchase, rather than something I’d actually use regularly.

It also made me realize how much stuff I already have! Seriously. I have a lot of stuff. Especially makeup! I have so many eye shadow samples that I honestly think I won’t need to buy any for the rest of my life. My new goal is to finish at least ten of them before I let myself even consider getting any more.

ANYWAY when my no-buy ended I went on a bit of a spree x: I did mostly stick to picking up basics/essentials, like socks and underwear haha. But I did convince myself I deserved a reward tongue So this is the slightly more interesting stuff!


Candles! :) Voluspa Candles!

OH OK. There’s this thing on how much you really want to share about your personal life online. But in this case, I feel that I should share this much. I work as a sales associate at a shop called Ricky’s. And most of the time, I purchase many goods from there. And I also receive “training” on these products.

This is one of those products. 

The brand is called Voluspa and I do not remember that much from this informational session I attended. So.. I went to their site and …. tada!!! They’re a luxury candle company and they use high quality coconut wax for their candles. Um… Really I think that’s about all I’ll speak of this company.


New Branches of Five Guys?!

Hi guys! I am one of the Pretty Stories writer, Veronica. This is my first time to draw for my blog post. The pictures don’t come out that good, but I hope you will like it. I will keep improving my drawing =]


Last Friday night, we went out for dinner like usual.

And here is our conversation of picking food and restaurant…

New Branches of Five Guys?! 1/6


Embryolisse Lotion Review!

Blah blah blah insert sob story about acne. Insert sob story here there everywhere.

Ok I don’t know how exactly how to start but here. I DONT KNOW WHAT LOTION IS GEWD FOR MAH FACE! Like I don’t know if I want something that has salicylic acid/benzyol peroxide in it to compact acne (because I have/had loads and just want it to be over with).

At this point I just wanted something simple. So….. one day I walked into this store and made a impulsive purchase and I got…



Palty Jewelry Ash Hair Dye – Review and Experiences

I have been bleaching and dyeing my bangs for years, but when I started doing that I stopped dyeing my whole head. The last time I did it was for high school prom! So I have been getting bored with my natural hair color, even though the black always complements whatever color I dye my bangs.

I didn’t want to go too light because I still plan on bleaching my bangs and wanted to keep the contrast, so I picked up a box of Palty’s Jewelry Ash (actually I got two, but then I got a haircut and didn’t end up needing the second).


Drama with Make Up Remover Wipes

You know how you find a wonderful thing for the first time and then you can’t find it ever again? sad

This, is basically my life! I found a wonderful korean brand of make up remover wipes called “PÓINT: CLEAN NATURALS.” I loved it because it was just such a wonderful deal! It has wonderful sturdy packaging, and I paid $11 for about 80 wipes! If my math is right (I fail at math so I’m 80% sure I’m right), that’s about 13 cents per wipe! AFSDKJKL:DS So amazing!! And it did it’s job well!