Brunch and Killer Heels in Brooklyn!

Last week Yaling and I went with another friend down to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Killer Heels exhibit! Since Brooklyn is kind of inconvenient for us, we decided to eat there as well since we don’t often get the chance to check out their restaurants.

And of course the place we originally picked was closed that day -______- Thankfully we had a list of nearby backups and got to Elberta about ten minutes later. We ended up leaving our homes an hour later than our original plans (the three of us are not known for our punctuality haha), and we were SO HUNGRY.

Unlimited mimosas, yeeeaaaah.

Post-No-Buy Haul!

I am not religious, but I decided to try going on a no-buy for the duration of Lent. I didn’t buy anything except food (and uh, booze)! It was pretty easy at first, since it’s not like I shop every day or anything. Plus I had made a couple online purchases before Lent started, so I still had a few things to look forward to getting, haha. It was so hard to pass up all the sales though! But it really forced me take a step back and evaluate what would have been an impulse purchase, rather than something I’d actually use regularly.

It also made me realize how much stuff I already have! Seriously. I have a lot of stuff. Especially makeup! I have so many eye shadow samples that I honestly think I won’t need to buy any for the rest of my life. My new goal is to finish at least ten of them before I let myself even consider getting any more.

ANYWAY when my no-buy ended I went on a bit of a spree x: I did mostly stick to picking up basics/essentials, like socks and underwear haha. But I did convince myself I deserved a reward tongue So this is the slightly more interesting stuff!