Lip Tint Masque!

Ohhh lovely blog. How I’ve missed you! I’ve been busy and sleeping. Literally sleeping every free time I have. Its insane how much sleep I’ve gotten for doing absolutely nothing.

Well except for the week that I spent in Los Angeles~ bigsmile It literally was amazing and I ate everything! It’s just been a kicker to go back on diet mode. :'( I just want to eat moreee. But too bad. However I think I didn’t bring the right products with me because I noticed that I broke out so bad during that week. But this week since I’ve been back in NYC my face has gotten soo much better. Either it was the diet or the weather. IDK but I need some serious self-discipline!


But back to the main topic, today we are talking about this My Lip Tint Pack by Berrisom in Sexy Red. I was with a friend browsing this store called Everyday Beauty in Flushing, NY, when this caught my friend’s eye. I didn’t know anything about it until she told me how it’s suppose to be like a lip tint but better. And proceeded to show me a video that includes the following snippet.

Like seriously this looked too amazing to pass up…anddd I spent a whopping $13! It isn’t the most expensive lip product you can buy. But after using it I do have some concerns.


First of all, please please please make sure that your lips are the smoothest they’ve ever been! After making sure your lips are smooth AND clean apply the product generously. Also please make sure your lips are well covered and lined and etc. Then once you’re done wait 10-15 minutes or until the product is all dry. Once that’s done you peeel it off! This is where the “smooth lip” bit comes into play. I had manage to rip a piece of lip off because my lips were actually not that smooth. Oy all the regret in life in that one moment. ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ


But besides the moment of pain that I had it was honestly a lot of fun. However I felt that my top lip was not as pigmented as my bottom lip  after the whole process. It’s a small gripe but not the biggest deal in the whole wide world. Now one of the things that this product actually promises you, you can even see it on one of the many amazon listings that there is for this product, is that it will last up to 12 hours.


Now see in a day I eat quite a bit. I lick my lips and sometimes even bite them. So many “long lasting” lip products usually don’t last. So I have high expectations for this one. I mean also, this isn’t the type of product where in the middle of the day you’ll have it and be like “Hey! My lip color is fading, let’s reapply!” No. Just no. There is no way in this world am I going to the public restroom and making myself look a fool, wait for 10-15 minutes before going back outside. This is honestly just not possible.

lipmask3But after one whole day at work with this on my lips, and remember a work day is about 10 hours for me, I added 2 hours for travel from/to home. This barely lasted 5 hours. Actually 5 hours is a stretch. Maybe 3 hours. It gets very faint, and unless I said something you probably would think that all my lip product is gone.

Final Thoughts: This is fun. Not $13 worth of fun. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t repurchase it. But if you happen to find a deal, you probably should go for it. But since LA my wallet has been pretty light… ;___; so this is a definite no unless I just want to be a shopaholic again.


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