Review: Skin Food Parsley & Mandarin Toner

Oh. Yea. It’s been a while. But Christmas is this week!! I’m super excited! I love the holidays! I truly believe that it is the best time of the year. One great thing is all the sales! But besides that just spending time with people that matter heart smile But let’s get on with what this post really is about.

A toner review! I don’t think I’ve done one yet ever. Truth be told, sometimes I don’t get toners. But there are a lot of good articles out there on what toners are really good for. Here’s a relatively good one from Paula’s Choice, but remember to take it with a grain of salt because they are hard core selling you their products. Which is still pretty good. But no today I am speaking of this product that I purchased from Skin Food for $15.40.


Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money thus all opinions are my own

First off for those of you who are sensitive to scents, this has a strong smell if you sniff it from the bottle. Like my nose is stuffed somewhat, and I am still able to smell it. But while using it I never really noticed it. So it never really bothered me. But beware for those of you who are sensitive to scents!


As you can see in this back label it mentions that it uses “nanotechnology” to help the product absorb into your skin better. This sounds like baloney. Unless it says the same thing in Korean. I don’t know. But it is indeed lightweight and doesn’t sting. Which surprised me when I noticed that denatured alcohol is the second ingredient. Otherwise tis is a perfectly fine simple toner.

Honestly I wasn’t wowed by this product. But it’s toner, I don’t think they’re suppose to wow. But aid in ensuring that your skin is clean and everything else (ie ph balance of the skin etc etc). It definitely is amazing at making sure that there is nothing left on my face.

Bottom line: It’s not so amazing that I would repurchase this actually. I mean I paid $15.40 for 160 ml of product. Honestly I would pick using Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel toner over this one because it is cheaper with more product. However if you find it for the right price it might be the one for you! bigsmile


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