How to Shape Side-Swept Bangs/Fringe – Without Heat!

When I got my hair cut last month, I went from bangs that went straight across my forehead to side-swept ones. I had tried to style them that way myself, before I got them trimmed, but the hair would always flop back into its original position. My stylist showed me an awesome, no-heat way to keep them in place, and it changed my life so I had to share!

You will need these tiny claw clip thingies; they’re pretty inexpensive and can be found in most drug stores. These came in a pack of 14 and were around $4. I usually use 4-5 for my hair, but you may need more if your hair is thicker or more layered.

hello I just washed my hair and am a mess. step one is to comb your hair okay

Take a small section of your bangs – it’s easiest if all the hair in that chunk is the same length. Curl that hair in the direction you want it to lay, making a loop on top of your head.

And clip it in place! My hair dried as I was taking these photos, plus I’ve always had baby hairs all over my head so it’s a bit messy, sorry D: It doesn’t have to be perfect, though!

Continue making loops until you’ve clipped up all your bangs.

I usually sleep on this (though obviously I didn’t when I took these photos), but if you’re pressed for time (or it’s humid out) you can blast it with some flexible hold hairspray and brush it smooth. I do sometimes wake up with it all messed up, with pieces of hair fallen out of the clips, because I sleep on my side but also roll around. When I brush the rest of it in place though, it looks fine. A hair cap or something might help keep them in place, if that worries you.

Get dressed/do your makeup/eat breakfast/whatever, and when you’re ready and your hair is dry, just take the clips out and smooth everything into place. My favorite method to do this is to shake my head vigorously from side to side tongue if you are a normal person you’ll probably want to use a brush or your fingers. But this is the effect you should end up with! Curled away from the eyes, but in a natural way. My stylist did say I could use a wide-barrel curling iron if I wanted to make my bangs a little poofier, though I am lazy and usually don’t.

This works best for me when my hair is wet; I’ve found that if I clip up my hair when it’s dry, it doesn’t really hold the curl as long, so it doesn’t look so cute at the end of the day, haha. But either way, I do this every night (or most nights anyway, as I have mentioned probably a million times by now, i am so lazy) and my hair no longer flops all across my forehead and into my eyes, yay! I hope some of you find it as helpful as I did bigsmile let me know if anything’s unclear, this is my first ever tutorial omgggg so I am sure I can improve it!


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