Hair Care Routine!

This is a post that has taken me a while to just word correctly. But I am here to talk about my hair routine! There’s a routine for everything unfortunately. One thing that I am going to get out of the way is that I use a mixture of full size, travel size, and samples that I’ve received. But for my own sanity and laziness I am only going to mention the full size stuff that I have purchased.

Let’s start off with me cutting my hair! I had to, with all the coloring that I had done to it…. well let’s say there was a lot of breakage happening. So now I am growing out my hair until I only have fresh, uncolored, undamaged hair on my head. smile There is one thing about my hair that I don’t think I’ve mentioned, it’s actually not 100% curly. It’s actually just rather wavy (like on the curly hair sites, I’d be a 2A), and I do have pieces of straight hair here and there. But It doesn’t really detract from the amount of volume that I naturally have.

My hair routine is really simple and there are 3 general steps:
1. Cleansing 2. Moisturizing 3. Styling

First is the washing. shampoo

Even though I have these three in the picture, the L’Oreal was about to be done! Thank goodness because although it showed me that I am able to deal with cleansing conditioners, I didn’t like it too much. However once I started using wen, my life was changed! I really enjoy using it and I feel like I will continue to use it until I want to switch up my hair regime again.

The Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo might be a toss up. Especially since I am using cleansing conditioners that are relatively sulfate free. This one from Suave is definitely full of sulfates which honestly is not great for you if your hair is colored. But with the amount of stuff I use on the daily, I really enjoy something that will strip it out of my hair at least once a week or less. And typically whenever I do use a clarifying shampoo would also be the time I give myself a deep conditioning treatment as well :3

And then you get the moisturizing!



Excuse the amateur level-ness of these pictures and the blurriness of that last one! But I use a combination of these 5 products the majority of the time. I really love the It’s a 10 line. Literally the miracle leave in product is my favorite and does wonders with my hair and keeping it detangled. Now the other one which is pricey is the Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid, it tamed my frizz. It really did. But I probably won’t repurchase bc of the price and I just have a lot of samples to use up.

But the first thing I do after drying my hair is to put on the leave in product so I can get my hair a bit detangled after washing it. After I put the leave in product in I basically mix and match at least one or two more products so my dry hair can get some extra moisture. Once I am done with this it is time for… STYLING!



Lmao I know right?! It’s a bit disappointing. Going from so many products to just this one. Technically some of the products I listed as my moisturizing products can probably count as stlyling. However I think this is the main one that will have any hold out of all the products! But it’s level of hold is very little. Which I prefer, I don’t really like gels that make my hair hard. So I prefer products that give my waves some sort of hold while not being crunchy. And this Curling Creme from Curly Sexy Hair does the trick!

That’s basically the entirety of my hair care process. I didn’t speak of every single product I took a picture of but I think it should be fine. tongue At least you have a glimpse of it right?

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