Testerkorea Haul/Review

I discovered Testerkorea when I found out about Etude House’s Princess Makeup Table, and decided I needed it. (like, really. My stuff at my boyfriend’s place was kind of spread all over the top of the dresser and it was really annoying him)

I did a quick bit of research on the site, and it didn’t seem like a scam tongue So I bought the table (which seems to have since sold out :(), as well as a few other things because I deserve it okay.

First, mah stuffs:

Etude House Princess Etoinette Perfumed Hair Mist
Etude House Princess Makeup Table
Innisfree Eco Safety Aqua Perfect Sun Gel SPF50+PA+++ (samples)
Innisfree Tapping Lip Concealer
Iope UV Shield Sun Makeup Base SPF50 PA+++ (samples)
It’s Skin Salon de Nail Sheet Pack
Missha Natural Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff
Primera Skin relief UV protector SPF50+ PA+++ (samples)
Tonymoly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes
Y.E.T. Cat Girl Waterproof Pen Liner – Black

I tried to stay away from brands I can easily obtain in person, but got the Missha konjac sponge because it was the only one I could find with the search function (more on that below). I also got a whole bunch of samples, which normally I don’t like paying for, but they sell their samples in packs of ten so it wasn’t too painful. And all the ones I got are sunscreens, which, as I’ve mentioned before, are notorious for turning me into Oily McOilson so I am glad I get to try each one out before the inevitable discovery that it hates me.

And they sent me free samples from brands I can buy in person! I AM PLEASED (not that I think they did it on purpose haha)

Shipping is charged according to weight and once you go over 2500g, your order must be shipped via EMS, which can be pretty expensive, so if you want a whole bunch of things it might be cheaper to do a group order and split the shipping cost. They accept PayPal and Eximbay for overseas orders.
I tried paying with Eximbay, which charges you in won, the first time around because my credit card offers a good exchange rate and doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. But it declined the purchase for some reason, and Eximbay wouldn’t let me try again or use a different card so I had to cancel the order and make a new one. I paid with PayPal that time, but they only give you the option of either paying in US dollars or Thai baht, so you’re subject to PayPal’s ridiculous exchange rate. My total for the second order was over a dollar more than the first despite containing the exact same items (every cent counts! I pinch those pennies most shamelessly). blrgh. Not sure what the problem was, I use that card on overseas purchases all the time, but I am now afraid of using Eximbay. Someone be brave enough to try it out and let me know if it works! haha just kidding you don’t have to

I chose to have my order shipped via registered mail (the cheap option), so it took a while to get here. I placed the order on September 30th, it was shipped out October 7, and I received it on the 17th. Everything was securely packed, bubble wrapped and cushioned by (biodegradable!) packing peanuts, and the box was almost entirely covered in mailing tape haha. I appreciated it though, since it was in transit such a long time.

However, one thing that totally annoyed me was the lack of subcategories on the website; there was no way to narrow down your browsing without using the search function, so for example all the eyeliners and eye shadows and mascaras were all on the same page and it was like rummaging through a giant bin. As for the search function, it only scans the names of the products, so like, a product may show up after searching for “eyeliner,” but not “eye liner.” And I had wanted to try a konjac jelly sponge, but apparently my searching skills are nonexistent because I couldn’t find many of them. Missha’s was the only one in stock at that time, and it’s cheap enough, so I bought it online instead of walking to the Missha store in Flushing.

Anyway, I had a good experience with this place – the prices are pretty low and shipping is reasonable, I received everything I ordered and it was all well packed, and when I had to contact customer service (to cancel my first order), they responded within a day. Not to mention free samples! I’d probably order from them again. bigsmile

I’ll be working on individual reviews of some of these products, so stay tuned and let me know if there’s a particular product you want me to post about!


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