Memebox: From Nature 6/2014

Ha… yes I had purchased a Memebox from a whileee back! So I guess I will include mini reviews! No individual pictures mostly because although my camera is a lot better than no camera. It’s nothing in comparison to one of them fancy cameras most legit bloggers use.

This is their “From Nature” linewhen I had purchased this wanted a box that was possibly mostly skin care because my face was in major break out mode and thought that this would be more or less very gentle on my skin. I mean although it is more or less ~natural~ products, I take it to mean that these products feature some really good ingredients found in nature instead of being all natural. Then again I know nothing about Korea and their standards for beauty companies. I mean I love it but I really haven’t heard of any 100% all natural asian beauty company that exists as of yet. So please if you have, let me know about them!

Memebox: From Nature

And now on with the post!

Memebox: From Nature - Opened

So that’s your first look into the box, a paper with all the information. Which is totally helpful because everything else that is not in English is basically in Korean. So this information paper gives you an idea of what each product is suppose to do.

Memebox: From Nature - Products


And here is everything in the box!


SN – T Goddess Cream
According to the packet, this lotion “reinforces natural skin hydration, revitalizes and soothes troubled skin.” I was definitely very excited for this one because at the time my face was still a mess of acne of break outs. At the time I was using Nature Republic’s Steam Cream and was about to use it so I didn’t exactly use it right away. But I have been consistently using it and it isn’t a very thick formula. It’s extremely light and true to packet, it gets absorbed immediately. Maybe it is the help of this and some of my other antiacne products but I have definitely have a large decrease in my acne. Not sure if this is a factor but I would definitely repurchase this lotion!

Dewytree Tea Tree Blemish Solution Mask
Sheet masks are always my favorite and I was so happy to get two. I love how the cut outs were able to fit my eyes, nose, and mouth very well so I didn’t need to keep my face still for a ungodly amount of time. I’m not sure if I would repurchase this specific one via online shopping, but if it was in a store that I happen to be in I probably would get this again.


Lanoa Natural Soap – Sulfur
Because this has sulfur in it, this should be amazing for those with acne issues. Unless I am super desperate I don’t really see the point in using soap bars as cleansers for your face because it would dry your face out a lot faster than others. However I am surprised at how much I like this particular product. Yes it may be drying, but it does definitely help with my acne. I had one that recently popped up and 3 days after I started using this more frequently I noticed a significant decrease in the pimple. So I definitely recommend this to those of you who do have a acne prone skin that is also more on the combination-oily side .


Ramosu 100% Propolis Extract Ampoule
This is basically an extract to help give your face more hydration and a “more youthful glow.” According to the brochure, propolis is a natural ingredient extracted only in small quantities from the bee hive. So maybe I’ve been using a bit too much because according to this thing 1-2 drops is enough. The one thing that I’ve noticed is usually when the season changes, my skin will start flaking around my nose. More or less a lot of intense flaking because winter is coming and everything is getting drier and drier. But I have been putting more than 2 drops of this with my lotion each time and I haven’t been getting a lot of dry flakes around my nose this season around. I really like this. My skin isn’t exactly dry, it’s more on the combination-oily side. But I’d definitely recommend if you do have drier skin, mostly because usually I use something a lot thicker than the Goddess Cream during the winter but with this product I don’t feel like I need to.


Swanicoco Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling
I wasn’t impressed the first time I used it. And then I gave it a second chance and I wasn’t impressed again.


Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System
So this is suppose to have “a combination of 11 different kinds of oriental medicine extracts, argan oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil.” It’s also “enriched with high concentrates of protein amino acid” And this is more or less a bunch of baloney. On the bottle itself it says something about keratin and how it’s good for your hair. This basically is more or less very similar to just any old regular conditioner. Nothing too fancy about this and I’m basically not impressed by this. And I have used my share of deep conditioning treatment and I’m glad that I did not need to pay full price for this.

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