A New Look: Site Edition

Hello! TGIF!

Haha I actually have today off but I wanted to tell you all that we have a new look here at prettystories.net! smile It might just be a day late or so but it’s a partyy!! Everything looks so nice and new and everything! :3

Modelling Smores

Excuse my abundant use of emoticons. Can you tell just how excited I am? Hahaha.

There isn’t too much that is exciting about this post so here is a picture of S’mores posing in one of her two new winter coats! smile She isn’t a fan of clothing but she will not try to bite them off. tongue Instead she tries to shake it off but that’s no good.

I will have a post up next week about a memebox I got during the summer. tongue I am a slow one! But for now just enjoy the site! If you do find any issues leave a comment and we’ll try to fix it.

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