S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa

Hello! I’ve been sitting on these photos for a couple weeks now, haha. This heat makes me so lazy @___@

I haven’t been to Sentosa in almost ten years (maybe more? I can’t even remember), and I was pretty shocked at how much it’s changed. They’ve really built it up and there’s so much to see now! For example, Sentosa is home to what is currently the world’s largest aquarium. There actually aren’t too many displays, but what they do have is gigantic and filled to the brim with all sorts of watery goodness. I love aquariums, they don’t inspire as much guilt as zoos do for some reason tongue

The entryway is a tunnel through one of their displays, with a whole bunch of manta rays! Those are my brothers on the left tongue

And then when you walk through to the next room there are THINGS IN THE FLOOR.


They were totally aware people were looking at them haha. Showoffs!

This jellyfish display had color changing lights – so pretty!

The octopus kept climbing into an un-photographable corner of the tank and dropping down, then rushing back up. -____-

This was one of the highlights of the aquarium. Can you see how huge this display is?

Closeup of that huge fish in the huge display. I may have zoomed in too far. He does not approve.

This guy’s face amuses me greatly.

They had a Finding Nemo tank! Every breed of fish in it was one that appeared in the movie. So cute!

And the exit was another tunnel; this display was full of sharks. As we walked through the aquarium, I kept asking, “Where are the sharks? It’s not an aquarium without sharks!!” AND THERE THEY WERE. The people who planned the layout of the displays totally knew what they were doing, haha.

I wish I could explain why this amused me so much without sounding like a sociopath, but when I saw this, I laughed for like ten minutes before my brothers dragged me away. Then when I was looking over my photos, I started laughing at it again. Look at how hilarious it is! It’s just lying there, all dead! …..it’s funny!

<_____< >_____>
….I really don’t want to end this post with a photo of a dead fish so here is one more of a dolphin.

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